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About us

Moltech (1992) is a company that is specialised in offering industrial solutions in machine transmission and conveying processes. Outside of Hungary we are represented by industrial service providers – dealers in industrial spare parts. We manufature SPECIAL POWER TRANSMISSION BELTS, TOP-PRESSURE BELTS, HAUL-OFF BELTS, CATERPILLAR BELTS, MATERIAL HANDLING LIGHT CONVEYOR BELTS AND CONVEYOR-ROLLERS. In the past few years Moltech has been engaged in designing and producing full tailored BELT-CONVEYORS and other special conveyor solutions for a variety of factories and distribution centers, o.a. metal-waste processing, 2ndhand clothes, poultry processing, baby-bottle assembly and printing house. Moltech is located in the south of Hungary close to the city of Szeged. We employ a total of some 50 employees in the workshops, the offices, outbound sales and internal support services.