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Technical articles

Last week we visited again Wire2024 in Düsseldorf

23/04/2024 11:00:00 AM
Last week we visited again Wire2024 in Düsseldorf. We were happy to meet with several OEMs and cable factories presenting our hauloff belting solutions.
In our StarkLine workshop we tailor caterpillarbelts with coatings (or grooves) ...

Top-pressure guiding belts

16/04/2024 02:00:00 PM
Working full speed these days in our StarkLine workshop on preparing another badge of top-pressure guiding belts for a large OEM of edgebander machines.

"What is the lifetime of your belts?"

01/03/2024 12:00:00 PM
Expo season is here! At our stand on big industrial exhibitions, we are frequently asked:
"What is the lifetime of your belts?"

Starring: StarkLine D32!

09/02/2024 01:00:00 PM
Starring: StarkLine D32!
Because of its larger, wider and deeper profile the D32 is a real heavy-duty worker. And , like all members of the StarkLine vbelt family, truly endless and made with a cord from polyester or kevlar.
In our belting workshop we have the technology and the material to offer options for many different applications (be it power transmission or in-machine conveying), in any length!
The robust D32 belt comes with a cogged profile which allows it to effectively run also on smaller pulley diameters.
The D32 which is used in wood processing machines is mostly dressed in all-white TPR and finished with a special topcover to provide better grip, softer touch and to leave no markings to the conveyed product.

With our StarkLine portfolio we play in the premier league of industrial v-belts.

25/01/2024 01:00:00 PM
We offer a wide range of belts for machinetransmission purposes. But the base material in combination with our CAM production technology also allows for producing special in-machine conveying applications, for example in ...


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