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Technical articles

International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

18. 05. 2024. 13:00:00
During this Pentecost holiday weekend we are standing on the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad - Serbia.

For the 2024 MCIN competition we have entered a unique belt conveyor machine

14. 05. 2024. 10:00:00
We designed and developed this machine for a vegetable processing plant. With increasingly strict hygiene regulations conveying machinery must allow for continuous and efficient cleaning. Our machine is designed especially to make cleaning easier than ever, without disassembly!

Last week we visited again Wire2024 in Düsseldorf

23. 04. 2024. 11:00:00
Last week we visited again Wire2024 in Düsseldorf. We were happy to meet with several OEMs and cable factories presenting our hauloff belting solutions.
In our StarkLine workshop we tailor caterpillarbelts with coatings (or grooves) ...

We were warmly invited by our partner Modutech

02. 05. 2024. 10:00:00
Last week we were warmly invited by our partner Modutech in Manisa Türkiye to see their new (2nd!) production facility. This means larger range, more solutions and faster delivery of modular belting to our domestic customers.

Top-pressure guiding belts

16. 04. 2024. 14:00:00
Working full speed these days in our StarkLine workshop on preparing another badge of top-pressure guiding belts for a large OEM of #edgebander machines.

Spring is here again!

26. 03. 2024. 11:00:00
Across Europe the agricultural community prepares to ensure that every piece of machinery is in top shape for summer harvest.
We too have been busy building a large stock of harvesterbelts.
We produce premium quality conveyor belts tailored to specific cutting-systems (powerflowpremiumflow) compatible to fit various combine harvester machine models (FendtJohnDeereMasseyFerguson)

pea harvester belts

19. 03. 2024. 13:00:00
The yearly peaharvest is usually scheduled before the summer heat starts kicking in. But a soft winter and an early spring might make the 2024 harvest to be planned weeks earlier.
We are ready to support farmers and agro-dealers with producing pvc-based pea harvesterbelts so that their harvester machine (OxboPloegerFMC) will be in optimal working condition
We produce each belt (infeed, sidebelt, diverter, bunker filler) exactly to the required specifications in size and finishing (including guides, cleats and fasteners). We wish all farmers a rich and successful harvest.

"What is the lifetime of your belts?"

01. 03. 2024. 12:00:00
Expo season is here! At our stand on big industrial exhibitions, we are frequently asked:
"What is the lifetime of your belts?"

special food belt for gyoza dumplings

12. 03. 2024. 13:00:00
Most of us love to eat these traditional Japanese Gyoza dumplings filled with a delicious mix of pork meat and vegetables.
So, we were very happy that our conveyorbelting workshop received this order to produce a special foodbelt for a high-speed "gyoza dumpling" production line.

The art of assembly!

23. 02. 2024. 13:00:00
To us one of the key essences of mechanicalengineering is piecing together a conveyor line.
While we imagine industrial operations, we see endless possibilities of how each part should contribute to the whole: