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Roller 30 mm tube diameter, Installation size 720 mm, Spring-loaded, Stainless Steel

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Manufacturer article number: P1019130
Model: P1019130
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StarkLine - ROLLER
Installation size: B=720 mm
Tube diamater: D=30x1,5 mm
Tube length: B1=700 mm
Tube material: Stainless Steel
Shaft diameter: d=10 mm
Shaft length: B0=720 mm
Shaft material: Stainless Steel
Shaft ends: Spring 2×15 mm
Bearings: POM housing, Stainless steel ball bearing

Maximum load capacity: 150 N/roller (~10 kg)

Product name: ROLLER T13 D030 B0720 d10 S03

Product number: P1019130