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"What is the lifetime of your belts?"

Anko Rejinders
01/03/2024 12:00:00 PM

Expo season is here! At our stand on big industrial exhibitions, we are frequently asked:
"What is the lifetime of your belts?"
A great question!
In such cases we are most proud to say that Starkline plays in the Premier League of industrial belting. Compared to many other makes our belts are better resistant to chemicals, oil, water and to extreme working conditions such as cold temperatures.
But we very much realize that the biggest cause of premature belt failure lays not so much in the quality of the belt.
Often incorrect machine settings (excessive tension, misalignment) and lack of frequent maintenance (contamination) are destructing the belt.

Remember: The belt's lifespan is in your control. Your machinery is the heartbeat of your operation. With the right care and attention to machine maintenance you can maximise both the performance and durability of your belts.
 Therefore, our more modest response to this great, frequently asked question is:
"The lifetime of a StarkLine belt is mainly up to you."